Universal Auditing, LLC is a nationally recognized firm dedicated to helping our clients reduce cost in a number of spend areas.

Our staff of trained auditors will thoroughly analyze your bills and identify any opportunities for refunds or reducing current spend.

  • Utility Bills (Electric, Natural Gas, Water/Sewer)
  • Telecom (Local, LD, Wireless)
  • Small Parcel (UPS/FedEx)
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • ​Waste Accounts (Traditional, Recycling, Medical)

There is no up-front cost for an audit-we are only compensated if we can save you money.

Universal Auditing LLC; saving money for our clients since 2008


We help our clients save money by auditing their utility, phone and waste accounts for any mistakes, errors and overcharges.

In business since 2008, we've recovered millions of dollars in potentially lost monies.


 With just minimal information from the client, we will verify that every single line item charge is 100% correct and at the lowest cost possible. When changes need to be made, we help cut through the "red tape"with the utilities and phone carriers. 


Historically we have been able to uncover refunds or identify savings opportunities over 85% of the time.

Once the audit is completed, we will provide a detailed report of all findings.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer Auditing of UPS and FedEx accounts!

  • We establish access to your invoices online.
  • We download and fully audit each package automatically each week.
  • Our system will contact UPS/FedEx with late packages, double billings, bogus corrections, weight errors, ect.
  • We confirm all refunds back to your account.
  • Average savings range from 3-10%.
  • As with our other services, we are only compensated if we save you money.