Utility Bill Audit

  •  We do all the heavy lifting, all we need to start the audit is one current bill copy for each account and a letter of authorization.
  • With the LOA, we will request the current and prior 36 months bills directly from the utility companies.
  • We will perform rate plan comparisons to ensure rate is most cost effective.
  • Our staff of highly trained auditors will verify that all tariffs, rates and taxes are being billed correctly.
  • All findings will be presented in a final report and any recommended changes must be approved by client.
  • If changes need to be implemented, we can and will work directly with the utility company to facilitate all changes.

Phone and Wireless Bill Audit

  •  With one current bill copy and on-line access our auditors will examine every account for any errors, double billings and verify all individual lines.
  • We will look for any opportunities to optimize your service with your current provider. This is a service that will utilize your existing vendors to positively affect your bottom line by improving their pricing.
  • Our audit will identify and identify all charges for local lines, private lines, frame relay, OPX, Essex/Centrex and Wireless/cellular services.
  • We will review your current contracts to ensure accuracy.
  • All findings will be presented in a detailed report and help facilitate any changes approved by client.
  • Upon request, we can negotiate on RFP for any an all services.
  • Average savings range from 10-24%.

Universal Auditing, LLC Case Study

ABC Manufacturing Co.
Anytown, NC

Annual utility spend;

Electric accounts         $800,000+
Natural Gas accounts  $1,300,000+
Verizon Wireless          $80,000+

Annual small package spend;

UPS $300,000
FedEx $75,000

Audit Results;

$64,000 refund due to bill error on electric account.
$18,000 annual savings on Verizon account.
$20,400 annual savings on electric account.
Total 1st year savings and refund over $102,000.00

UPS/FedEx Audit Results;

Average UPS savings 3.5% ($10,500)
Average annual FedEx savings 4.2% ($3,150)